‘Momma bird, Baby bird’ (video)

This installation is about what we are becoming through our current political climate. We start as chicks which as our natural color and you steadily see us evolving if you will, into another breed. The small ducks are already becoming the color of money, a far cry from their natural state. If we continue down the line we see the dismantling of the birds into pieces and the reassembling into hybrids with wire/metallic prosthetics.

BTSS video

Along with two other teachers, Liz accepted the call to help collaborate and paint a donated truck. This truck was donated to a non-profit called the Baltimore Teacher Supply Swap. Originally started by Melissa Baedeker thru an OSI fellowship, the swap accepts donations and makes them available for teachers, students, and parents for free. From Aug. thru Nov. ‘17, Liz and others, made and executed a design plan for the truck that reflected the swap’s mission. 

Collage Array Vol I & II

The magazine collage images are cut out and recombined to become nonsensical. Even if the spectator can make sense of one page, that one page does not in any way relate to the rest of the book. 

Magazines are a way of storytelling; art imitating life's narrative. In my work, I am attempting to deconstruct that narrative and randomly combine it into new compositions without a thought given to representation. A viewer may attempt to find meaning in these images, which are in fact, meaningless.