About Me


My Background

My father is an African-American oil painter in Michigan. I grew up modeling for his paintings and sitting in while he taught his college courses at Kendall College of Art & Design. I am an inter-disciplinary hair sculptor with an undergrad art degree from Towson University and an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art.


My Medium

I am a true inter-disciplinary artist, skilled in many processes and mediums. For my current explorations I have been working with wire and synthetic hair. The themes of blackness in America, cultural traditions surrounding african american hair and afro-futurism are prevalent in my work.


My Inspiration

I've been a choreographer and teaching artist in the inner city for around 20 years; I also grew up there. Experiencing growing up mixed race in the inner-city and the rich hair traditions within, regularly gives me material to inspire my current collections of work.

My Blog